The essence of my work is a synthesis of the landscape tradition and personal expression. Physical space, tension, and the transient moment are common threads in all of my landscapes; these themes combine to suggest an array of universal human emotions. The landscape is at once both eternal and ephemeral- the flow of the river, the dancing of golden grasses in autumn, the play of light across a field at sunrise, the rumble of an approaching storm. It is the fleeting moment- the inevitable and natural change that catches my breath and inspires me in my work.

My acrylic work combines expansive space, emotive color, and sensuality and implied movement through heavily textured surfaces. Tension is created between the underlying energetic texture and the inherent calm of the horizontal landscape. Abstract compositions rather than specific sites form the basis of my images.

My pastels, while similar in subject and composition, are much more detailed and naturalistic, and often site-specific. They are often celebrations of my favorite places; my intent is to share the emotions I feel when at these places.

Kay Brathol-Hostvet